Dating levi denim jackets

There are serious denim fans worldwide, says Matt Wilson, deputy editor-in-chief of online specialist magazine .

“People across the globe know the value of certain denim models,” he says, “especially in Asia, as Japan is the epicentre of denim culture.” America, unsurprisingly, is also keen, and the result is a dedicated band of self-confessed denim nerds – 99 per cent male, according to Wilson, who knows those with 5,000-piece-strong collections.

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“Type 2 ran until the early 1950s and occasionally crops up – expect to pay around £1,000.Those who think a denim jacket is a classic piece of utilitywear should, perhaps, familiarise themselves with the Big E and Buckle Back editions.These are just some of the vintage models of basic American denimwear that get collectors very excited – far more so than designer versions, which are often viewed as pastiche by connoisseurs (unless they happen to have been made for a film or rock star).Denim writer Paul Travi adds that a “historic collector might search out pieces dating back to the early 20th century, whereas fashion collectors are more interested in 1930s to 1950s styles – pieces that are still wearable”.Only a limited range of models has the right cachet.

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